Frequently Asked Questions

This is a CRUD application built to allow Magic: The Gathering players to easily store, view, and share their Magic decks with others. As the app continues to improve, more features will eventually be implemented such as user authentication, easy editing/deletion of existing decks, and social features.

Users may build their decks using a number of pre-existing deck building apps. Supported formats are Archidekt, Moxfield, and Manabox. After your deck is complete, export the deck as a text string and paste it into the new deck form. - For Archidekt, please use the "1x Card Name (code)" option. - For Manabox and Moxfield, the standard export settings should be used.

Absolutely not! DeckShare will continue to be improved as long as it is hosted. Please request new features or give suggestions as you please.

If you're a GitHub user, please go to the GitHub repository for this project and submit a new issue. Don't forget to star the repo! Otherwise, feel free to reach out to me on any of my socials to request new features.

My name is Bryson Coons, and I'm a full stack software engineer from Chesapeake, Virginia. Feel free to look through my socials here and connect with me!